“14 year old furnace from another firm. Woke up with no heat. Every other firm busy all over town, 3 day wait offered. E.N. Blue was also busy, but the service manager, Norm, walked me through the simplest possible causes on the phone. Still no solution. Then Norm came to my house personally and fixed the problem. It was a busted sensor.
The house was warm and toasty by noon! FANTASTIC. This was 10 out of 10 service already. But 6 weeks later.. I woke up, again to a cold house. I called E.N. Blue, and Sandra, put me through to Norm immediately. I told him the new symptoms, he walked me through a few simple steps to see if we could fix it. Turns out the batteries in the thermostat had gone dead.
I put in new batteries, and it all worked again. Home is heating as I write this. They didn't even ask for payment, or anything else for this. And I would not have objected to paying for professional and timely advice, after all, my furnace now works! All I can do to thank them them is say how impressed I am with their service, and professionalism, and their commitment to long term customer relationships. I will be an E.N. Blue customer for life now. They earned my commitment. They have my business!”


“I was at the house last night with the Enbridge inspector and was very impressed with the installation of both the furnace and water heater. Great Job and pass on our thanks.”

Mr. B.

“The air conditioner install looks excellent. Your guys did a great job. I am very satisfied with the way it was placed outside, and things look very well sealed.”

Mr. T.

“Kevin I do not have a 2010 sales target but will keep promoting tankless hot water heaters. I love the technology. Real fact is since we received our $400 rebate from the gas company in the fall we have not used up the $400 credit for installing the water heater and furnace. I think we have enough credit to cover off January. Our energy bill has dropped off to nothing since the furnace and hot water heater was installed at the end of July. Absolutely what you projected and I think a bit more….All the best. Your after sales support is excellent! Thanks again”

Mr. D.

[verbal] Ms. B. was very happy with her job, and she made sure to tell me that the crew was “courteous, thorough” and she said she could tell that they took pride in their work. They were very neat and tidy, left everything clean and she was very happy they took the time to explain to her how things worked (the thermostat, etc).

Ms. B.

“In the summer’s heat waves our Trane reliably keeps us comfortable indoors. Many thanks to you and everybody of E.N. Blue for a good job”.

Mr. S.

[Regarding a friend of his he had referred to us]:
“I actually recommended you to his neighbour, who gave him your name. Just wanted you to know that they and the neighbour are very impressed with your workmanship and the furnace.”

Mr. B.

“This is just a short note to let you know how pleased we both are with the installation of the furnace by Jason & Jeremy this morning. The professionalism and comportment of the E.N. Blue crew was excellent.
They were on time and dealt with the entire installation in less time than we imagined it would take. They cleaned up after themselves and then explained the functioning of the new air cleaner, etc. Other than the noise of the installation we didn’t really realize they were here.
They went about their business quickly and efficiently and obviously knew what they were doing. Had someone seen our home before 8am and then returned after 11am they’d not have known the crew were at our house except for the new furnace – and the return of heat! We would highly recommend your firm to anyone we know replacing their furnace or doing any other HVAC work. The professionalism of the installers was amazing. Both were polite and courteous. They are a great reflection on your firm.”

E. & J.B.

“We had our unit installed today and I wanted to let you know that Jason and Jeremy did an outstanding job. They managed to wrangle the air handler through two narrow hallways into a small laundry room with a very large washer/dryer that they had to get around. I still can’t believe that they were able to do it – and they did it all with good humour and great efficiency. They deserve special commendation for doing such an excellent job. And thanks also to the guys working up on the roof in the pouring rain.”

Mrs. F.

“I am writing to thank you for both your professional service and to express our happiness with new furnace. We find the Trane high efficiency furnace a great improvement over our previous furnace. It is very quiet and seems to deliver heat more efficiently; leaving our house more comfortable than it was before.
We are very happy with the purchase – it was money well spent. We are also grateful for your professional service, and the time you spent informing us of the options and even doing the calculations necessary to ensure we have the right size furnace. As a professional engineer, it is good to see some science being relied upon, rather than simplistic calculations or assumptions.”

Mr. L.

[verbal] Mr. G. called, he couldn’t say enough good things about Kevin & the install crew. He said Kevin “really knew his stuff” and was thorough; he was also impressed with the fact that Kevin came on site the day of install. As for the installers, he commented on the speed, cleanliness and confidence of the crew – he mentioned that they were very efficient, courteous and helpful in explaining the operation of the equipment.

Mr. G.

“I’d like to extend my appreciation to you and your team for completing the installation of a new Trane furnace at my residence. The performance of the entire E.N. Blue team was stellar throughout the process, beginning with the sales cycle and culminating with the installation…Your installation technicians….arrived on time and took the necessary precautionary measures to protect the property from damage while moving equipment in and out.
Both were extremely courteous, competent and skilled resulting in a first-class installation….They exuded confidence along with a work ethic and commitment to doing things right that is all too often glossed over in a rush to complete the work. The collective efforts of all involved enabled the process to unfurl exactly as it should. It is indeed with pleasure and confidence that I offer my congratulations and endorsement to E.N. Blue whose conduct and performance is a testament to the way things should be done.”

Mr. A.H.

“My father emailed me a little while ago to let me know that the work on the boiler’s now all done… and that the house is a nice, comfortable temperature despite the heat outdoors. I look forward to going home to my newly air conditioned house, and no longer having to hide out at work on hot summer days until the sun starts to go down. And I’ve already noticed that the system is very quiet!
The new boiler is shockingly small… I’m having trouble picturing how it’s capable of heating the whole house and the hot water as well, given what I’m used to. I know it’s extremely efficient, and the technology has made enormous progress since my original monstrosity was installed in 1950. But, it’s so tiny! It is a joy having all that freed-up space in the laundry room, as a result. Storage!
Both my father and I are impressed with your work crews. I don’t know yet what prompted him to write that, but I can say that I’m very pleased with how well they cleaned up each evening, how quickly they worked, and they were pleasant and helpful when I had questions.“

Ms. R.

[verbal] Mrs. R called, she was extremely pleased with the crew – they were polite & courteous, went over everything with her (including fan operation, which she appreciated). She was recommended to us by a friend of hers, and said she will pass along our name to her friends as well. She may be in the market for new equipment next year because she’s moving and will definitely use our services again. She was very appreciative of the time Rachel took to explain everything at the time of the quotation as well.

Mrs. R.

“I just wanted to drop E.N. Blue a note of appreciation for the furnace installation….I received quotes from a total of seven contractors and Kevin’s knowledge and his attention to the particular details of my needs were far, far above any of the other sales people…he came by soon after I called and was always very willing to answer my questions and to present me with options to choose from.
A week before the installation date, my old furnace gave me trouble. Over the phone, Darrell helped me trouble-shoot and solve the problem. It was a great relief not to have to purchase parts or pay for a service call.
The two fellows who did the installation were punctual, hard working and pleasant. Their work is excellent and they cleaned everything up afterward. I was very impressed, especially since I had heard stories from friends who had installers do shoddy work and leave a mess behind. Having experienced interaction with six other contractors in the Ottawa area, I would not hesitate to recommend Blue (in fact, I have already made two recommendations).
Thanks very much to the E.N. Blue team for taking the stress out of such a major and essential purchase and for the excellent service in all respects.”

Mrs. G.