Furnace Service Plan Ottawa

When your furnace breaks down, you need emergency service fast!

Between parts and labour by an HVAC technician, you could be paying hundreds of dollars.

A Furnace Protection Plan is one way you can protect your wallet from these unexpected costs.

Furnace Protection Plan
$269 + HST
Applicable to gas furnace, electric furnace and propane furnace systems

  • Annual cleaning of furnace unit
  • Parts and labour from 1 year of the date of issue
  • 24-hour emergency furnace repair service
  • All work performed by a trained HVAC technician 

Gas Boiler Protection Plan
$350 + HST
Applicable to gas boiler systems

  • Annual cleaning of boiler
  • Parts and labour from 1 year of the date of issue
  • 24-hour emergency boiler repair service
  • All work performed by a trained HVAC technician

At E.N. Blue, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive Protection Plan that covers the replacement and/or repair of the following furnace parts:

  • Aquastat controls
  • Gas appliance regulator
  • Heating circuit transformer and all wiring within furnace casing
  • Blower/ components
  • Integrated pumps
  • Limit controls and Fan controls
  • Pulley and belt
  • Roll out switch, flow switch and pressure switch (including tubing)
  • Fan motor and automatic vent damper/ motor
  • Summer/ winter switch and door switch
  • Flame spreader and pressure relief valve
  • Thermocouple/ generator
  • Standard heat/ cool thermostat
  • System fuel flappers
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Pilot burner and tubing
  • Power burner motor and ventor motor assembly
  • Furnace low voltage circuit fuse
  • Gas burner and orifices
  • Automatic gas control valve

Please note that additional charges may apply if the furnace is plugged or there is are dirty filters, breakers, switches or fuses. If an HVAC technician finds damage due to abuse (thermostat not set properly, faulty parts, venting is frozen or plugged, power surges or natural disasters) there may also be an additional cost. A charge will also apply in the event that an E.N. Blue HVAC technician inspects the furnace unit and there is nothing wrong.

Please note that before a Furnace or Boiler Protection Plan can be applied to an existing heating and cooling system, an E.N. Blue HVAC technician must inspect and verify that the furnace or boiler qualifies.

If you’re looking for quality workmanship, 100% satisfaction guarantee and honest and upfront advice, contact E.N. Blue today. Our HVAC technicians would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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