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Furnace Maintenance Ottawa

The freezing Ottawa winters mean that your furnace takes a lot of wear and tear. Poor furnace energy efficiency can drive up your bills.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your furnace is well-maintained and in good working condition before the cold temperatures hit. This is to ensure optimum energy efficiency of your entire home and heating and cooling system!

At E.N. Blue, we offer annual furnace maintenance and furnace cleaning to ensure your heating system is running smoothly all winter long. We are able to perform maintenance on Trane furnace systems, Ameristar furnace systems and many others. Contact our HVAC technicians today if you are in need of furnace service and maintenance.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Package

$139 + HST

  • Annual startup
  • Safety check
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Maintenance as outlined below

What can you expect if you purchase the standard furnace maintenance package? A professional HVAC technician will come to your door to verify the following:

  • Proper operation of thermostat
  • The blower motor operation and amperage
  • The fan belt, door switch, filter, ventor, vent damper, safety limit controls and condensate lines are in good working order.
  • The filter type and size
  • Proper combustion and ventilation
  • No spillage
  • That the unit starts and stops properly

The HVAC technician will also check:

  • The combustion safety control
  • Gas piping for furnace
  • The heat exchanger
  • The vent connector and furnace venting

In addition to this, furnace maintenance includes:

  • Lubrication of blower and motor bearings
  • Cleaning of blower compartment area, burners, pilot burner and flame sensor
  • A reading of the thermocouple and flame sensor, HI/LO voltage, gas pressure and carbon monoxide

Our HVAC technicians will also conduct a temperature rise as part of the furnace maintenance package.

If you're looking for quality workmanship, 100% satisfaction guarantee and honest and upfront advice, contact E.N. Blue today. Our HVAC technicians would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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