Buying an Air Conditioner in Ottawa

Buying an air conditioner is an investment in your home that will help keep your family comfortable all summer long.

Installing a central air conditioner or ductless air conditioner in your home can greatly increase its value too!

At E.N. Blue, we specialize in air conditioner sale, air conditioner installation and air conditioning repair. Our specialized HVAC technicians can help you determine which air condition system would best suit your home and your family’s needs. We are proud to offer a variety of air conditioner units including the Ameristar air conditioner (M4ac3) and the Goodman air conditioner product lines, we are also the only HVAC Ottawa technicians who offer the Trane air conditioner product line. Not sure which air conditioning product is right for you? Give our HVAC technicians a call today. 

Benefits of installing a new air conditioner

  • Increased energy efficiency and performance compared to your old air conditioner
  • Adds value to your home
  • Peace of mind knowing your family will be comfortable all summer long (even on Ottawa’s hottest days)
  • Lower energy bills: cut your energy costs and apply for rebates with a new energy efficient air conditioner

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a new air conditioning system. If you are looking to purchase your air conditioner unit, take a look at the benefits below:

  • No monthly rental payments or interest, the unit is yours!
  • You will be eligible to claim government rebates. Read more
  • Please note, as the owner of your air condition unit, you will be responsible for any air conditioner repair or maintenance needed that is not covered by your warranty. We recommend purchasing a Protection Plan when buying an air conditioner to protect yourself from unexpected costs. 

What can you expect from an E.N. Blue HVAC technician?

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Our HVAC technicians are qualified and trained to work with you to meet your heating and cooling needs. If you need an air conditioner installation, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Full-service air conditioner installation
  • Safety check of air condition unit
  • Kind and courteous service from an expert HVAC technician

Whether you are looking to buy or repair an air conditioner in Ottawa, make E.N. Blue your first choice. Our quality workmanship, courteousness, attention to detail and customer satisfaction guarantee are some of the reasons why we are the top HVAC installation company in Ottawa. So give us a call today, our HVAC technicians would be happy to answer any questions you may have.